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Cindy Micklos

Cindy Micklos

Peoria, AZ


Cindy has been painting since she was 9 years old. Cindy studied Graphic Design in Arizona and mixes a Graphic Style with her love of Color and life. She grew up in the midwest and has painted on 'Old Barn Doors,Weathered Wood' you name it and has always gone back to Canvas. She works with Raw Canvas and paints Original Hand Painted Floor Cloths as well as Stretched and Flat Canvas.
Floor Cloths are her Favorite to paint. Floorcloths originated in the 1400's when the women would go to the ships and take torn sails from the ships and stain them and use them for flooring to place over dirt floors. It is an Old Trade and of course it has evolved to what Professional Floor Cloth Artists make today. Her Floor Cloths are extremely High Quality and very Durable. She starts with Raw #12 or #10 Canvas, Size and Base Coat with 3 Coats of Primer sanded inbetween each coat. From there she paints her design and when finished adds 6 Coats of a Water Based Poly Finish to protect your ART. All Edges are turned and sealed and corners are mitered. They are Fantastic for wanting a Allergy Free Flooring and you just wipe off with soapy water to clean! Kids and Pet Friendly!
Start to finish is about a 3 week process for each piece depending on the design and size.
Yes, all of her original Floor Cloth ART is Designed to be WALKED ON...she has collectors from all over the US and Canada.
Cindy strives to provide a HIGH Quality Piece of Registered ART that you will be Happy to Showcase in your home. Many of her collectors frame these Floor Cloths because they say they are to beautiful to walk on.

ALL of her Art is Registered and you will receive an Ownership and Valuation Certificate with each original!

Cindy can always be reached at if there is a Custom Design that You would like Painted to Walk on in YOUR home!


Stained Glass Rooster by Cindy Micklos


Bright Sunflower by Cindy Micklos


Marys Garden by Cindy Micklos


Family of Three by Cindy Micklos


Lighten Up.. by Cindy Micklos


Trumpet Vine with Dragonfly by Cindy Micklos


Stairway To Heaven by Cindy Micklos


Medical Assistance Line-Economy 2012 Series #3 by Cindy Micklos


Family Assistance-Economy 2012 Series of 3 by Cindy Micklos


Unemployment Line -Economy 2012 Series of 3 by Cindy Micklos


Bulldog Abstract by Ryan Griswold


Moose Crossing by Matthew Griswold


Oogie Boogie Boo by Cindy Micklos


Holiday Sounds with Mistletoe by Cindy Micklos


BLISS by Cindy Micklos


Sunny Day Sunflowers by Tatum Chestnut


Tulips Of Tuscany 57X41 by Cindy Micklos


Once in a Very Blue Moon by Cindy Micklos


Field of Fire by Cindy Micklos


Arizona Sunset by Tatum Chestnut


FOXXXY by Tatum Chestnut


Dragonfly Symphony 64X45 Art for Your Floor by Cindy Micklos


Harlequin with Gold by Cindy Micklos


Hummingbird Garden by Cindy Micklos


Windy Day Palm by Cindy Micklos


3 Cypress by Cindy Micklos


Hummingbird Garden by Cindy Micklos


Grandmas Farm by Cindy Micklos


Peeking KOI by Cindy Micklos


Mothers Love by Cindy Micklos


Hummingbird Picnic by Cindy Micklos


French Wine by Cindy Micklos


Dragonfly Symphony by Cindy Micklos


Standing Guard In Fall by Cindy Micklos


Sunflower In Fall by Cindy Micklos


Daisy and Dragonfly by Cindy Micklos


Bold Poppies by Cindy Micklos


Color Me Sunny by Cindy Micklos


Wild Tulips by Cindy Micklos